Porsche 911 Crashes Into Highway Median In Alleged Street Race

Gif: Adam Ibraham

The current rise in street racing is giving road rage incidents a good run for their money for the top roadway trend significantly boosted by the pandemic. A recent alleged street racing incident saw a driver lose control of a Porsche 911 on a Florida interstate highway, narrowly avoiding a helpless driver and putting their German sports car’s front bumper into the concrete median. A dashcam on the nearly clipped vehicle caught most of the incident.


The incident occurred on Interstate 4 in Florida on Wednesday afternoon, around 5:30 pm. The footage begins with a silver Porsche 911 quickly cutting across the front of the camera car. The Porsche then fishtails on the inside shoulder and spins into the middle lane. The silver 911 gets pointed in the direction of traffic and seemingly recovers before immediately spearing off head-on into the center median.

You can hear the driver say, “Holy shit,” as he comes to a halt in front of the Porsche’s crumpled front bumper. Adam Ibraham, the driver of the dashcam car and the voice on the video, was interviewed by WESH 2 News about the incident. During the interview, he mentioned, “I noticed when I replayed the dashcam camera that there was a Honda Civic also speeding, so I presumed that they were racing.” You can easily spot the white Honda Civic come into frame during the crash.

Somehow, the Porsche was able to drive away from the scene later. Florida Highway Patrol reported that it found the 911 abandoned at a nearby gas station. I guess that’s a small benefit of having the engine mounted in the back. Though, the occupants in the Porsche were lucky to drive away in the first place. The crash could have been far more severe if they had speared into the median at first or hit another car.

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