Ranking the performances of Black quarterbacks in the Super Bowl


Patrick Mahomes
Photo: Getty Images

There have only been seven Black quarterbacks to play in a Super Bowl. That stat could be surprising to some considering the NFL has been majority Black for decades.

But truth be told, Black quarterbacks have had to endure countless racial stereotypes that have prohibited them from playing the position freely. For decades, many scouts and executives have criticized their intelligence, their leadership ability, and their ability to throw the football.

False and racist stereotypes have diminished opportunities for young Black men to lead teams from playing behind center in the NFL. This is why seeing Patrick Mahomes, a Black quarterback, starting his second Super Bowl on February 7, means so much more to Black NFL fans.

The impact these seven have had on the game is hard to quantify. They’ve had to fight through so much just to get to the biggest stage. So, in honor of Black History Month, let’s rank the performances of some of these greats.

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