Samsung is bringing some crazy new tech to CES

Samsung is expected to show off everything from its latest mobile devices to high-tech washing machines at CES next week, but it turns out the company will also use the opportunity to unveil some of its more far-out creations on the show floor.

The Galaxy-maker announced plans on Wednesday to bring several products from its Creative Lab division to the Las Vegas expo for the first time ever. The lineup will include a smart belt, a unique new virtual reality controller and more.

WELT (the belt) is designed to help people track their health and exercise discreetly. It looks just like a regular leather belt, but it includes sensors that can track your waist size, eating habits, steps taken and how long you spend sitting down. It works with a special app that can suggest ways to improve your health and lose weight.

Samsung will also use the opportunity to demonstrate Rink, a hand-motion controller that works with Gear VR. The device can track your hands at all times, making it possible to physically play a game like tennis in virtual reality or simply navigate through menus and apps with gesture controls.

Finally, Samsung is bringing something called TipTalk, which is “the future of wearable communication” to CES 2016. It allows you to transmit sound from a smartwatch straight to your ears without headphones. You simply hold a finger to your ear and the sound actually travels through your hand. Sounds crazy.

We can’t wait to check out these new inventions, and we’ll be sure to bring you our own impressions as soon as we get a chance to try them for ourselves.

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