Santa To Swap Sleigh For Ford Bronco

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If you’re celebrating the annual return of magical gifts under a well-decorated tree this year, then it’s crucial you stay posted with the latest news. Specifically the fact that you’re not going to want to be looking for sleigh tracks on the roof this year. Oh, no—this year, Santa’s driving a Ford Bronco.


Some folks over at Ford were cruising through the archives when they stumbled across an unpublished picture from November, 1968. The photo depicted Santa standing in an ice-covered, present-loaded Ford Bronco, ready to spread the Christmas cheer.

With a picture that charming, Ford knew it had to do something now that we finally have a new Bronco hitting the market.


So, Ford decided to recreate the picture.

Ford’s heritage and archives manager, Ted Ryan, guessed that the original images were intended for use in Ford World, a bi-weekly internal newspaper about products and associates. That never happened. All that effort to freeze a whole dang car, and nothing.

This time, though, we get a little bit of the inside scoop as to how this new photo was taken.

First, Ford popped the Bronco into its cold room, which is generally used to test the capabilities of Ford machines in aggressive temperatures. It then froze the car to a bitter minus-34 degrees Celsius (about minus-30 Fahrenheit), making sure to send some poor employees into the icy chamber to spray water on the car for a nice icicle-drip effect.


Ford then loaded the Bronco with wrapped gifts and got Santa to climb on in and pose for a photo. You have to wonder how the competition feels knowing Santa has his heart set on a Bronco. It’s a cute idea.

And, hell—maybe it’s just Ford’s festive way of telling you not to expect the Bronco to unthaw any time before summer 2021.

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