Saturday Night Live Hilariously Imagines A Mercedes Powered By AA Batteries

Saturday Night Live Hilariously Imagines A Mercedes Powered By AA Batteries
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Electric cars are on the rise, but there are still plenty of setbacks that come with the more environmentally conscious choice. Charging? Sounds like a long wait. No plug nearby? Too bad. That’s where the (fictional) Mercedes AA Class comes in, powered by AA batteries and free of any other worries. Well, kind of.

Saturday Night Live imagined a future of electric vehicles that factors out all of the less-desirable aspects like charging and such, with a vehicle powered by a mere 9,648 AA batteries. The number is really an oversight, if you think about how much charging time it’ll save. Once one battery dies (or 100, which is more likely), just pop in another and get going. No need to chain yourself to a plug.

Here’s the SNL video, which would actually make for a quality commercial if it were real and at all logical:


The “first fully electric luxury sedan powered entirely by AA batteries” has zero emissions a top speed of 52 mph. If anything, it would be noteworthy—though not necessarily fun or adventurous—to claim ownership of a car that physically can’t have a zero-to-60 speed.


As for the AA batteries to power the car, hopefully you’re a fan of either coupons or buying in bulk—they’re not included. It is wild to see that many AA batteries in one place, though, since most of us are lucky to find one (and a half, maybe) laying around the house when a device calls for about four of them.

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