SEE IT: Phoenix fan pummels man in Nuggets jersey, declares ‘Suns in four’

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The Denver Nuggets can’t go out like this.

Not only are the Nuggets down 3-0 to the Suns in the Western Conference Semifinals, apparently their fans are taking beatdowns as well.


Listen I don’t know what happened but whenever someone gives you a four-piece Popeyes meal with no drink during an arena alteration, it’s safe to say you lost that one, chief. Now I want to be very clear, I never condone violence nor stupidity. But I do condone self-defense when someone tries to use another person’s face like boxing equipment. That fan got did up worse than *insert defender here* guarding Devin Booker this series.

And what made the fight even worse was that the fan delivering the beatdown yelled “Suns in four” after he was done delivering a four-piece to that man’s face.

If the Nuggets lose on Sunday, it’ll only add insult to injury for a Nuggets fan base that has already taken its fair share of Ls these last few days.

I understand the squad is playing without Jamal Murray, but the rest of their supporting cast can do a much better job.


To save further embarrassment for their fans, the Nuggets need to handle their business on the court tonight. They need to actually guard Booker, Deandre Ayton, and Chris Paul, and they need to help out their MVP on the offensive end by making some shots.

If they don’t step up, it will really be “Suns in four” like the guy throwing haymakers said, and I doubt the Nuggets fans want that.

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