Shannon Sharpe’s undying and sometimes misguided admiration for LeBron James got him roasted on Twitter

We know you dig him, Shannon.

We know you dig him, Shannon.
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This is a bit of advice to all the high-profile public figures out there in the social media world. Double-check your tweets before sending them out into the Twitterverse. When you make a mistake, there’s always someone waiting to call you out on it, whether they consider themselves a fan, follower, or troll. Shannon Sharpe found that out Sunday morning when responding to a post that had nothing to do with LeBron James besides the fact that he inserted Bron into the conversation.


I’m not sure what Sharpe thought he read, but Twitter users couldn’t let the opportunity pass to jump on ‘unc’s’ line about the misstep. This really is what Twitter has become for the most part. Large groups of trolls are just waiting for the next mistake or mishap. And of course, the jokes ensued, and Sharpe just had to take it. Most of them aren’t too harsh, though they are pretty hilarious if you understand the context of Shannon’s whole Undisputed shtick.

Luckily this interaction was primarily lighthearted, but the whole episode really spotlights Sharpe’s love for LeBron. His shtick of being the biggest LeBron James fan on tv isn’t an act. Sharpe has talked about it every weekday morning for over five years now, but he plays it up so much it almost seemed impossible that a Hall of Fame athlete could be such a huge fan of another pro athlete. Yet here we have Shannon defending his buddy LeBron to no end.


It has been funny watching Sharpe during this NBA season with James and the Lakers being so bad, even he can’t defend all of what’s happened on the court. He’s criticized LeBron, although it’s usually for making the decision to bring Russell Westbrook to the team. Either way, Twitter loves to have a little fun at Sharpe’s expense, especially when he goofs like he did today.


We’ll see if any of today’s Twitter events come up on Undisputed Monday morning since Shape’s co-host, Skip Bayless, loves to get under his skin about his unwavering affection for James. I say it’ll happen within the first two segments of the show since they’ll probably go with Tom Brady and the Cowboys to start. That seems to be the usual format breakdown of the show most days anyway.

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