So you ask the tattoo artist for Jesus and you get James Harden with a crown of thorns

James Harden (not Jesus)

James Harden (not Jesus)
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I’m always here for any Black Jesus content. Not only because biblical scripture and the region that Jesus was born in lead me to believe the portraits that I’ve seen of Jesus most of my life appear to be a touch inaccurate, but I enjoy the art that comes from the Black Jesus motif. The portraits are lovely — my favorite will always be the one from the Black Jesus episode of Good Times, even though the show premiered nearly 15 years before I was born — and the first season of the Adult Swim comedyBlack Jesus was outstanding.


A man named Mikey Hardwick decided that wanted some Black Jesus art on his body and decided to get a tattoo on his pec. The work was performed by Southern California tattoo artist Herman Aldo Wibowo who shared it on Instagram. Twitter user @asharp52 took a screenshot of the post and tweeted out the image along with, “that’s James Harden brother.”

I mean you all see it. While the look of Jesus is in debate, I think White and Black, Christian and Atheist can all agree that the tattoo looks exactly like James Harden, and he is more than likely not Jesus’ doppelganger. The post made its way to Harden’s timeline who was so amused that he quote tweeted it.

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My biggest question is for Hardwick. When you requested the Black Jesus tattoo, were you going for a modern day Earl “the Pearl” Monroe theme? If that’s so, then while the rest of you folks all are out here laughing at this, Hardwick and Wibowo are hitting you with gallery-quality art that’s too deep for you Drake fans to comprehend.

Now if Hardwick requested Black Jesus and Wibowo thought that the perfect face to represent it is Harden, someone needs a Bible or a history book, because Jesus was a fisher of men, not cheap foul calls.

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