Spanish Rally Co-Driver Laura Salvo Dies In Crash At Age 21

Laura Salvo, a rally co-driver for Miguel Socias in his Peugeot 208 Rally4, has died in a crash at Portugal’s Rally Vidreiro, the sixth race of the Portuguese Rally Championship and part of the Peugeot Rally Cup Ibérica. She died on Saturday morning, October 10, 2020, after making contact with a pine tree.


Salvo has been a rally co-driver since 2015, back when she was just 16 years old. You can watch her in action in the following video from 2018:

She and driver Socias recently won the Rallye Ciutat de Xixona.

At the Rally Vidreiro, their Peugeot careened off the road and crashed into a pine tree on the right-hand side of the road, where Salvo would be sitting. The commander of the Marinha Grande Volunteer Firefighters told Mundo Deportivo that the crash occurred just over a third of a mile from the start of the stage.


Images of the crash have been circulating on the internet, but we have chosen not to include them here out of respect for Salvo.

The president of the Marina Grande Automobile Club had the following to say on the livestream of the incident (translated from Portuguese):

Unfortunately we have to report a death in our rally . Competitor Laura Salvo, who was competing as a navigator in the Peugeot Rally Cup Iberica, suffered an accident at the beginning of the first stage that caused her death. The Automobile Club of the Marina Grande and its means of aid arrived at the place in about two minutes, doing everything possible to save the young competitor, trying to revive. The media took the victim to an area where the arrival of a medical emergency helicopter was possible, but the competitor ended up dying at the scene. On my behalf, and on behalf of the Marina Grande Automobile Club, I publicly address my feelings to the victim’s entire family, friends and team.

She is alleged to have suffered cardiorespiratory arrest and died before she was able to get to the medical helicopter.

The rally has been cancelled in honor of Salvo’s passing.

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