Stark Claims To Make ‘World’s Fastest’ Motocross Bike, Won’t Say How Quick It Is

A rider jumps with the Stark Varg motocross bike

Look how high you can get without all those carbon emissions weighing you down.
Photo: Stark Future

It seems like every week there’s a new EV startup promising to revolutionize a different segment of the automotive sector. This week it’s motocross riding that’s getting an electrically-charged update, courtesy of Spanish electric bike maker Stark Future.


The company made its initial introduction to the scene this week with its first product launch, the Stark Varg. The Varg is an electric bike that the company claims could be the “world’s fastest motocross bike.” A bold start, then.

Founded by Anton Wass and Paul Saucy, Stark Future’s first release is an electric motocross bike that packs in a lot. Firstly, it has an electric motor that produces the equivalent of 80 HP, and a 6 kWh battery pack that Stark Future says will keep you on the trails for up to six hours.

Most motocross bikes have around 55 HP, so this extra power packed into the bike should make up for the weight gains that come with any electric bike. The Varg weighs 242 pounds when fully charged, compared with 215 pounds for the average gas bike when fully fueled.

The Stark Varg bike in a studio

The Stark Varg comes in red, white or grey.
Photo: Stark Future

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The bike also produces 938 Nm of torque, and its batteries can be recharged in two hours.

It’s fair to say that the Spark Varg has a reasonably impressive spec sheet, then.


But that’s as much as the company will tell you about the bike’s performance for now. That’s despite the fact that they tout it as a gas-powered bike beater, and potentially the fastest motocross bike out there.

Strange, then, that Stark doesn’t list a top speed for the bike anywhere in its press materials, on the company’s website, or in this pretty extensive video about the bike and the company. Huh, weird.


What Stark does tell you about, though, is pretty interesting.

As well as all the performance figures quoted above, the Varg also has a carbon fiber, aluminum and magnesium chassis to keep its weight low.


The bike is fitted with Kayaba suspension offering 310mm of travel, and comes with the ability to customize its power curve and choose between more than 100 riding styles. Stark claims this means the bike is a good choice for both newer and more experienced riders.

On top of that, the Stark Varg has a touch screen dashboard that can track your speed, power usage, airtime and riding routes. Oh, and this dashboard can be removed from the bike and used as a fully-functioning smartphone – how neat is that?


Stark also fitted an innovative clicking chain adjuster, which it says will make it easier to control the tension on your chain.

The Stark Varg motocross bike riding through dirt

With the Stark Varg, the only damage yo do to planet earth is kicking up dust.
Photo: Stark Future


The company says this will be its first of many bikes, adding that it hopes to prove that “electric technology is superior to gasoline equivalents in every single way.” Sounds like a tall order!

For anyone wanting to test this claim for themselves, pre-orders for the Stark Varg are now open, with deliveries expected in September next year.


Prices for the bike start at $11,900.

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