Steph Curry breaks own record while showing the Jazz they aren’t among the elite out west

Curry is now topping his own 3-point records

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Stephen Curry and the Warriors were at it again on New Year’s day, taking down Donovan Mitchell and the Jazz, 123-116. In the process of showing Utah they aren’t quite on Golden State’s level, Curry set another 3-pt record by making a three in his 158th consecutive game. Curry set the record initially back in November 2016, hitting a three in 157 straight games.


Every three Curry drains, he’s pretty much setting a record at this point. This may not sound like some great accomplishment, but to make at least one three-point attempt in every game for nearly two seasons in a row twice is freaking insane. Adding the fact that Steph did it this second time during a global pandemic where nothing has been the same from day to day is even more incredible.

By the time Curry is finished playing, there may not be a 3-pt record in the NBA record books that doesn’t have his name next to it. And yes, there are still a few out there just waiting to be taken over by Steph. The record of highest 3-pt percentage (45.4 percent%) is held by Curry’s coach Steve Kerr and is likely out of reach at this point. Most threes made in a game (14) is currently owned by the other splash brother, Klay Thompson. Also, the most threes attempted in a career (7,429), now held by Ray Allen. Curry is just under 450 attempts away from stealing this record away from Allen.

Along with a new record for Curry, the Warriors also sent a message to the Jazz, letting them know they aren’t on their level in the Wwestern Cconference. Utah is a nice little story, and they might make it out of the first round of the playoffs only to be promptly bounced from there like last year. The only difference is that they were the runaway number one seed last season, and this year they’ll probably finish third in the conference.

The West will be Phoenix vs. Golden State in the conference finals. It’s just a matter of who will have home-court advantage. I hate to count out every other team, but right now, it just looks like these teams are functioning on a different frequency than anyone else in the West. The Suns and Warriors are the only two teams that haven’t suffered double-digit losses yet and will likely be the first two teams with 30 wins this year. It’s tough to argue with what they’ve done thus far over these first few months of the season.

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