Sunday Scaries: The NFL Week 1 Bets You Should Avoid

Today, every sports outlet will give you a deluge of betting guides, pick em’s, predictions and an obligatory ULTIMATE LOCK OF THE WEEK.

Don’t fall for this. Unless, of course, you’re following my colleague Matt Zylbert.

The best gamblers nail around 55 percent of their picks. Sure, gambling is about pushing thin edges. But what other “profession” misses the mark 45 percent of the time? If a meteorologist predicts the hourly forecast like a sports gambler predicts a sports game, you would never leave the house without an umbrella.

Gambling gurus will tell you who to pick or cover or fade. What few will do is tell you what games to stay the hell away from.

The Sunday Scaries will give you four bets to avoid every week so you dont waste all your money making picks some wannabe prognosticator told you to make.

You’re welcome.

Let’s dive into Week 1 which is, historically, unpredictable. A smart bettor, if such a person exists, stays away from Week 1 in general. But this opening sunday, in particular, poses an added challenge with teams jumping into the deep end without playing without a preseason.

Oh, and this year there’s the looming threat of a pandemic shutting down a team or the season at any time.

What could go wrong?

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