Swapdoodle comes to the Nintendo 3DS, successor to Swapnote and PictoChat

Swapnote, and to an even further extent PictoChat, is back on the Nintendo 3DS! Across the North American and European regions, Nintendo has rolled out a free app called Swapdoodle, which functions very similarly to its Nintendo chat app predecessors.

Doodle lessons allow you to trace beloved Nintendo characters from the Super Mario™ series, The Legend of Zelda™, Splatoon™, and more! With the right add-on, you can also draw more doodles per note, boost your note storage to over 6000, get more than 45 pen colors, and download stationaries featuring Nintendo characters. Put a piece of yourself in your art by sticking on a Mii face with various emotions to choose from. It’s also possible to share in-game screenshots with friends who also have the game and even create secret pages that are hidden until your friend replies. It’s always fun to see what doodles your friends are swapping!

  • Swap messages and doodles with your Nintendo 3DS™ friends
  • Purchase add-ons packs to enhance your doodles and learn to doodle Nintendo characters
  • Take doodle lessons featuring characters from Splatoon™, The Legend of Zelda™, Super Mario ™, and more!
  • Draw 3D doodles on 2 layers
  • Place a sticker of your Mii character’s face with different emotions
  • Send in-game screenshots from select titles

Just please, I hope we’ve matured a bit since PictoChat

We all know what Nintendo DS users really used PictoChat for. Please, let’s show a bit of maturity this time around. We don’t need Nintendo’s properties associated with that anymore.

Turn on your Nintendo 3DS and download Swapdoodle today!

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