Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Causes Accident With Model Y

Gif: Twitter

Video footage has come to light that shows a Tesla Model Y almost driving itself into a head-on collision due to the Full Self-Driving Beta. Last Friday, the footage was originally posted on YouTube before the uploader removed the video. The video was reposted on Twitter.


The video begins with the Model Y rounding a long, gentle curve on a two-lane road. As another vehicle approaches the Tesla in the opposing lane, the Model Y straightens its steering to send the electric crossover on a path for a head-on collision. The driver reacts quickly to retake control from the Full Self-Driving Beta and pull their Model Y back to the right.

However, the urgency needed to avoid the head-on collision caused the driver to overcorrect. The driver lost control of the Model Y, and the vehicle slid off the road. The crossover fell into and then launched out of a small ditch along the side of the road. The Tesla bounces over the terrain before coming to a stop near a home. The description of the YouTube post stated that the Model Y’s frame and suspension were significantly damaged.

While the driver’s overcorrection took the Model Y off the road, the accident wouldn’t have happened if the FSD Beta had kept the vehicle within the bounds of the lane. Earlier this month, Tesla introduced a new update for the Full Self-Driving Beta to improve object detection. This update clearly didn’t help detect the oncoming vehicle in this case.

This accident is just another one of the reasons why the public should be wary of a car company beta testing a potentially dangerous feature on public roads. The driver of the other car could have been seriously injured or worse because of the decisions made by a company that they might have never purchased a product or service from.

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