Tesla Toys With Vibrant Colors To Make Its Cars Look More Exciting

A photo of a parking lot full of new Teslas including some painted bright colors

Would you like your Tesla in pink, green, teal, blue or orange?
Screenshot: Jason Yang

We get a lot of stick for Tesla bashing here at Jalopnik, but today I want to talk about a good choice the electric automaker has made. It looks like it might be starting to offer its cars in nice colors.


Firstly though, let me get a smidge of negativity out the way. On the whole, Teslas aren’t the most exciting cars to look at. Sure, they’re nice and streamlined to reduce drag and make them more efficient at running via battery. But they don’t look very interesting.

In fact, now that the novelty of them has worn off, they just blend into the swathes of mundane sedans clogging the roads. Albeit in a way that’s much quieter and more climate-friendly than most, which is always a good thing.

But these modest looks haven’t been helped by the company’s color options, which hardly make Tesla stand out from the crowd.

For many years, this choice hasn’t expanded much beyond black, blue, red or white. And our roads don’t really need any more black or white cars.

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A parking lot full of new Teslas in black and white

Please stop buying black and white cars, they’re boring.
Screenshot: Jason Yang

But now there’s good news out of China! One savvy drone operator spied a raft of excitingly-colored Teslas outside its factory in Shanghai.


YouTuber Jason Yang piloted his drone over the Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai, where, as well as the usual black and white vehicles, he also spied a number of brightly shining beacons of creativity.

In the video Yang posted to YouTube, cars can be seen finished in pink, orange, teal, bright blue and even a shimmery-looking one that could be emulating midnight purple.


I’ve spied a pastel pink Model 3 roaming the streets of New York, and it looks great. So here’s hoping more people opt for an ambitious color scheme when customizing their build.


Sure, for anyone personalizing their Tesla, the options list doesn’t extend much beyond choosing wheels and paint. But at least these vibrant new colors have the ability to make the cars stand out on our city streets once again.

From the YouTube footage, there is no way to tell if these are painted or wrapped. But Tesla has previously teased an in-house wrap offering through dealers in China.


Electrek reported that the electric automaker said its wrap service would work through its delivery centers, rather than the factory. But these cars were spied outside the production facility.

Regardless of how they were colored, the prospect of a teal, green or orange Tesla is exciting for anyone looking to spice up their garage. So, what color would you take your Tesla in?

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