Thank heavens Donald Trump didn’t get to buy the Bills (because he had no money & Pete Rozelle blackballed him)

Today, the Bills are winners for once, and Donald Trump is a loser, like always.

Today, the Bills are winners for once, and Donald Trump is a loser, like always.
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Seven years ago, Donald Trump wanted to buy the Buffalo Bills.

Pete Rozelle once told Trump — back in his days running the USFL into the ground — that, “as long as I or my heirs are involved in the NFL, you will never be a franchise owner in this league.”

Rozelle died in 1996. So, Trump was clear of that hurdle, but he didn’t have the money anyway, because he’s a broke-ass grifter and always has been. As Michael Cohen testified, Trump inflated his assets in his attempt to buy the Bills.

So it didn’t work out. The Pegulas, who already owned the Buffalo Sabres, bought the Bills for $1.1 billion. About a year later, Trump launched his bid to become president, and because potential presidents don’t get as much scrutiny of their personal finances as potential NFL owners do, well, the last four years were allowed to happen.


Trump tore down the country, but the Bills have been building up. And now, Buffalo has its first playoff win in 25 years, as the Bills held on to beat the Colts, 27-24, on Saturday. Trump? He can’t be an NFL owner, can’t be president anymore in 11 days, and can’t even tweet.

The Buffalo Bills are winners, and Donald Trump is a loser.

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