The 15 places where people live the longest in the world

RTR1HWXSAn old man walks near the geothermal hot springs at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon near Grindavik.Reuters

The World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Global Competitiveness Survey doesn’t just look at the financial health of countries around the world – it also looks at the health of populations.

The WEF ranked places in terms of the average life expectancy, showing where in the world people live the longest.

As you would expect, the more developed the economy, the more likely it is to have a longer life expectancy due to access to a high level of healthcare, as well as typically healthier diets.

However, what is interesting is that some of the places listed have a lower life expectancy than expected due to the rise in mental health related issues resulting in suicide.

WEF ranked the top 10 but places coming in joint spots means there are actually 15. We have cross referenced the ranking against OECD data on each country to try and figure out why people there live so long — check it out.

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