The 2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch Will Reportedly Cost Lincoln Navigator Money

Old King Ranch Expedition Pictured. Photo: Ford
Old King Ranch Expedition Pictured. Photo: Ford

Everyone’s favorite Texas-inspired luxury pickup trim is returning to the SUV segment with the 2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch, and at a reported starting price of $74,290, putting it square in competition with the new Lincoln Navigator, which should mean it’s a tough sell.

But it probably won’t be! Ford’s King Ranch pickup trucks have been around for awhile now, offering luxury options inspired by, you guessed it, a cattle ranch in Texas. It’s perfect for the sort of people who have some weird internal conflict with wanting nice things while simultaneously maintaining a rugged image.

Anyway, the Expedition King Ranch has been around since 2005 to serve the people who want third-row seating and aren’t comfortable throwing bodies in the bed of a truck, and the all-new 2020 Expedition is keeping the trim alive.


Cars Directreports it will start at $74,290 including destination fees, placing it between the Expedition’s current Limited and Platinum trims. Here’s more from Cars Direct:

Available in both the Expedition and Expedition Max, standard equipment for the King Ranch will closely line up with features in the Expedition Limited with Equipment Group 302A. That means it’ll come with things like a panoramic roof, LED lights, enhanced park assist, and more.

Like all Expeditions, the King Ranch will gain Ford Co-Pilot360, which gets you driver-assist features like auto emergency braking, blind spot warning, lane-departure warning, and automatic high beams. Engine choices are unchanged with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 under the hood paired with a 10-speed automatic.


The cabin of the King Ranch will feature Del Rio leather on every seat, as well as on interior door trim, the armrests, steering wheel, and center console. Other distinguishing features include a standard 360-degree camera with split-view, as well as power-folding side mirrors with painted caps in Stone Gray.


Ford declined to confirm Cars Direct’s report when reached out to by Jalopnik, only promising that more information about the “2020 Expedition” would be made available soon.

For all-wheel drive, Cars Direct reports the King Ranch Expedition jumps up to $77,420, or $80,110 ford the MAX with all-wheel drive. The new Lincoln Navigator starts at $73,205, or $77,555for the Select with options closely matching the King Ranch Expedition. Considering how hot the new Navigator is, I wonder why anyone would bother with the King Ranch.


Then again, Texas is a big state with a lot of people.

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