The Amazing Motorcycle Stunt From The No Time To Die Teaser Was Unbelievably Done For Real

The first trailer for the upcoming James Bond movie, No Time To Die, will be released Wednesday morning, but the little 15-second teaser reel that came out last night already features one incredible motorcycle stunt that was mostly done for real.

No Time To Die is the fifth and supposedly final James Bond movie for Bond actor Daniel Craig. It also happens to feature more notable vehicles than any previous Craig Bond movie, featuring the new Land Rover Defender, the Jaguar XF and possibly a Jaguar I-Pace, a Toyota Land Cruiser, four Aston Martins including the DB5, V8 Vantage, DBS Superleggera and Valhalla supercar, and some motorcycles.


Four of those cars, the Defender, Land Cruiser, DB5 and DBS Superleggera, all feature in the short 15-second teaser for the main trailer, but it’s the motorcycle action that really stands out. Here’s the clip if you haven’t seen it yet:

Being Jalopnik’s resident James Bond superfan (who needs to update his James Bond kinja badly), it is my duty to you to point out that the incredible motorcycle jump over an ancient Italian bridge-wall structure seen in this clip was performed for real.

Some behind-the-scenes of the stunt was captured by fans on set in Matera, Italy while they were filming earlier this year, and posted to the MI6 Community James Bond forums,which you can watch here:

As you can see, a lot of what the motorcycle is actually driving up has been edited out for the movie, where it instead appears to just be the slanted stone side of a tunnel under the bridge the bike jumps onto.


But the physical stunt—the person you see flying through the air in the trailer—is all real, and it’s super impressive.

At the one-minute mark in the set video, you see the stunt rider clear the wall of the bridge level by barely a foot, and the wide shot from a distance gives you the full picture of just how high the bike is jumping and just how far down the drop would be if something went wrong.


By this point, Craig’s Bond should know his way around motorcycles. There was a short chase on one in Quantum of Solace over some boats, and then another more notable bike chase on the rooftops of Istanbul in Skyfall.

This new stunt paired with Ana de Armas dual-wielding machine guns, Lashana Lynch looking over her sunglasses in a DBS Superleggera, and the teaser wasting no time destroying a new Defender before it’s even on sale yet should mean we’re in for another entertaining Bond flick in April.

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