The Boys Season 3 teaser goes viral

The Boys tells the story of a group of individuals taking on heroes/villains with special powers and agendas to show themselves as mankind’s saviour. Funded by Voight organization, the mutants stage disasters as well as terrorist attacks to be the apple of the public’s eye.

It is pertinent to mention that Homelander was being blackmailed by Queen Maeve while The Homelander’s partner-in-crime Stormfront got incinerated after Bill Butcher’s son Ryan uses his superpowers in a fit of anger at the end of the second season.

This resulted in Bill Butcher’s wife Becca Butcher getting killed as well.

Karl Urban plays the leading role of protagonists Billy Butcher while the role of his sidekick Hughie Campbell is being played by Jack Quaid. Erin Moriarty will be seen as Starlight whereas Dominique McElligott is starring as Queen Maeve

Moreover, Karen Fukuhara is playing the role of Komiko Miyashiro whereas Laz Alonso and Tomer Kapon are starring as Mother’s Milk and Frenchie respectively.

As far as the antagonists are concerned, Antony Starr stars as The Homelander while Chace Crawford, Jessie Usher and Nathan Mitchell are playing the characters The Deep, A-Train and Black Noir respectively

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