The British Finally Came In And Fixed The Mustang

A photo of the Charge Cars Mustang with the caption "fixed it".

Thank god for the Brits.
Photo: Charge Cars (Getty Images)

Do you ever look at the original Ford Mustang and find yourself wishing it had a little more — maybe a little spark? Well good news, engineers in the UK have heard your prayers and fixed the Mustang by giving it electric power. And, I love everything about it.


This magical new creation comes from a small engineering firm called Charge Cars. It seems like the firm has seen your bloated Mustang Mach-E and decided we all need this absolute stunner instead.

Called the Electric Mustang by Charge Cars, the new EV uses an “official licensed” shell that the firm claims preserves the “classic design and styling of the legendary Ford Mustang.”

A photo of the exterior of the Charge electric Mustang.

It’s just really, really pretty.
Photo: Charge Cars

As a result, it looks fantastic. The show car that Charge has debuted pairs the classic Mustang lines, which have been finished in a gorgeous piano black, with matte 14-spoke rims. At the rear, the car retains the Mustang’s trio of tail lights, while LEDs add a modern twist to the front end.

As well as all of this restomod loveliness, Charge Cars has fitted a 64 kWh battery pack and all-wheel-drive. This means the new electric Mustang has a range of 200 miles and will do zero to 60 in 3.9 seconds thanks to its 400kW of peak power.

A photo of the interior of the Charge electric Mustang.

I want my house to look like this.
Photo: Charge Cars


All that electrical tech powering the car is thanks to Charge’s partnership with EV manufacturer Arrival. That firm has also been working with Uber to create a fleet of electric taxis.

So far, we’ve got stunning 60s styling paired with futuristic performance in the Electric Mustang by Charge Cars. But that’s not all, the firm has also gutted the interior and filled it with all the trimmings you’d expect from a modern EV.


As well as “bespoke” leather seating and interior trim, the new Mustang also features a large screen in place of the center console. Instead of a cluster of gauges, Charge Cars has also added a second screen that shows your speed, range and state of charge.

It looks like such a beautiful place to be. Honestly, I love everything about this car.


A photo of the dashboard in the Charge Cars Mustang

Is it even an EV if it doesn’t have a million screens?
Photo: Charge Cars

Sadly, the cost of all this loveliness doesn’t come cheap. Charge Cars puts a starting price of £350,000 on the new EV, which is $460,000 over here. Plus there will no doubt be extra costs for whatever options you’d like to pile onto your gorgeous new Mustang.


Replacing the gas-powered running gear of old cars is not new and is something I’d gladly advocate for if it encourages more classics out onto the road.

But, the Electric Mustang by Charge Cars seems like a new interpretation of the formula. And it’s one that I am wholeheartedly standing behind.

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