The Car Hacks You Were Surprised Succeeded

“Driving a Land Cruiser through north-western Namibia. Stopped to answer the call of nature, and discovered to my dismay that the Cruiser’s radiator was imitating my own watering of the land, as it were. Grimacing, I topped up, and topped up, and topped up again, driving more by temperature gauge than by speed, and limped to the next workshop.

“The mechanic was, of course, off hunting. But his brother was holding down the bar at a local tavern, and he came out to look at the situation. “What you need is curry powder,” he said. We mixed the curry powder up in five liters of water, and poured it into the radiator.

“You’re good to go,” said my benefactor. I eyed the “fix” dubiously. “The curry powder clots up when it hits air,” he said. “But until then it’ll just flow around like normal coolant.”

“I drove the 500km (310 miles) back to Windhoek as though on eggshells, creeping along in the dark at between 60 (37mph) and 80km/h (50mph). I was dog, dog tired when I got home, but the radiator held!

“It held for three days, in fact, and then the dam broke and my driveway smelled fantastic.”

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