The Light Car Company Rocket Is A Dream Unfulfilled

Screenshot: Carfection

What more do you need from a car than a few hundred kilos of frame, engine, suspension, wheels, tires, and controls? This 838-pound machine is the Light Car Company Rocket, designed by a pre-McLaren F1 Gordon Murray to be the purest driving experience in the world. It’s reminiscent of a Formula Vee, but has power from a 1000cc motorcycle engine.

Yeah, that sounds pure as the driven snow, or a brick of pretty white lady straight from Colombia.


I’m incredibly jealous of Henry Catchpole and his recent experience folding his lanky frame behind the wheel of this incredibly rare machine for the below video. From the looks of things, the LCC Rocket shoots down the road quicker than a cat from the bath, and with similar levels of calm restraint. It’s light enough to be blown over by a breeze and tracks with road imperfections like a bloodhound on a hot trail.

I once stayed up too late mainlining Warheads and reading about the Rocket in an issue of some car mag I picked up from a garage sale, and the resulting sugar high transformed into a dream about the car in all its amazing-itude. Somehow the dream involved a rich uncle (which I do not have) buying everyone in town one of these to rock around in. I grew up in Hickory Corners, MI which has a population of just over 300, so it was theoretically possible.

When I woke from the dream I declared that I would one day own such a car. I have yet to achieve this, and knowing that I am no longer a small child it is unlikely that I ever will. Even if I could afford to buy one of these overly rare machines, I certainly wouldn’t fit.

So it goes.

I guess I’ll have to hit the candy store this evening to see if I can’t recreate that dream. I’d love to get another go behind the wheel, even if it’s only in my deepest REM sleep.

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