The Treadly 2 Just Wants You To Do Your Best, Because Your Best Is Good Enough

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Treadly | $749 | Promo Code TREDS-100

Treadly 2 | $849 | Promo Code TREDS-100

If you’re anything like me, the pandemic has completely ruined your 2020 and 2021 fitness plans. Sure, the spring and summer were pretty normal if you enjoy exercising outdoors, but once the bitter, winter chill set in, it was less of an option. Some people adjusted well by purchasing $2,000 fitness mirrors. While it does seem appealing to look at myself while squatting so I can twerk like Megan Thee Stallion, I also don’t have that kind of money. Others joined the cult of Peleton. Also could not be me.

For me, there’s nothing more simultaneously torturous and invigorating than a simple jog. The thing is, living in the city, your living quarters can’t always accommodate large exercise equipment. Especially in a house with four dogs, space is a commodity I covet. So that kinda cuts the adult-sized options in half.

All of these musings led me to the Treadly 2 (full disclosure: I did receive a free sample for testing purposes, but it in no way influenced my review). I happened upon it while searching for Christmas presents in mid-November and was automatically intrigued. The site boasted a lightweight and compact design. Weighing about 77 pounds and measuring 3.5″ wide, this makes it ideal for smaller spaces as you can slide it underneath a couch or lay it against an open wall. I will say the treadmill itself is more cumbersome than the site claims, but only by a little. I guess that’s to be expected of a body made from reinforced aluminum.

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It also comes with wheels on the bottom, making it easy to roll out on the floor to get your workout started. You’ll have to release the safety latches on each side to pull up the balance bar with speed controls. I found this to be a nifty feature, especially if you decide to store your Treadly on a wall as I did. No one wants parts flying in front of your face and causing injury. No one’s getting healthier that way.

Like all things powered by electricity, you will have to plug it in, but it’s smooth sailing from there. The fun-sized treadmill features Bluetooth and comes with instructions on how to connect your phone, so that you can jam out to your favorite bops on every run. It’s easy enough to pair, and you’ll also get access to the Treadly app to join a community where you can, I don’t know, compete with other runners’ distances and times? I don’t mean to sound skeptical, but I’ve never been one to compete when working out. While testing the Treadly 2, it was nice to relax and let my legs (and lungs) do their thing while Doja Cat was playing in the background. I wouldn’t expect hi-fi surround sound from the attached speakers, but it’s loud enough to get the job done.

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Photo: Ignacia Fulcher

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I hate running, but I love endorphins, so I deal. The top speed on the Treadly is about 5 miles per hour, so it is fast enough for a brisk jog and a feeling of accomplishment. On the bottom, near the treadmill belt, you’ll also see a screen with the distance, time, and current speed. You can toggle the speed easily with buttons on the balance bar, and there’s a fairly obvious “STOP” button just in case you have to, well, stop.

The way I would describe the Treadly 2, besides extremely thin and durable, is just enough. It is just fast enough to work out with, just small enough to slide underneath a couch or lean against a wall, and just loud enough to get you pumped. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this, but depending on your typical workout cadence and intensity, it might not be up to snuff. While Treadly users won’t be running on an incline anytime soon, folks with busy schedules will benefit from the extra mileage.

Personally, I enjoyed my time with the Treadly 2. Because the pandemic is still a major stressor, and keeping up with anything else at this point is almost unbearable, just enough is exactly what I needed. Would I spend $849 on a unit for myself? I think so. Some of these expensive gym memberships are about $600/year (I’m looking at you, Equinox), and the base version—the original Treadly—is $749, which is about $150 more than that, so it’s comparable. Especially if we aren’t seeing the outside world in its full glory for another 6 months or so, overall, I’d recommend the Treadly or the Treadly 2 to anyone who’s just trying to do their best. Believe me, it is good enough.


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