The Walking Part Of The Bridge Is Not For Cars

Screenshot: ABC 7 NY

Thursday night a very confused driver took his Honda Accord sedan down a narrow-yet-navigable lane onto the Pulaski Bridge in New York. connecting Brooklyn and Queens. As the driver drew closer to the center of the bridge, however, the lane began to narrow further. “Better speed up to make it,” he likely thought to himself.

Hammer down as the mirrors folded in on either side of the car. “Jesus Christ, our infrastructure in this city is seriously fucked,” their line of thought continued. “My Honda Accord isn’t even that wide!” And that was when the fender buckled, the sidewall of the tire dug into the wall, and the alloy wheels shattered.


Well, our protagonist has really stepped in it now, eh? That narrow lane was actually the protected section of the bridge devoted to pedestrians. It wasn’t meant for cars at all!

With the car fully wedged into the bridge, the driver was forced to wait for emergency responders to arrive. As you can see in the video above, the car had to be crumpled further with hydraulic rams and using the jaws of life in reverse. The car was made a few inches narrower than it had been in order to free it from its predicament. Then a tow truck backed up as close to the wedged car as it could and pulled the thing free.

It’s fair to say that this ninth-gen Accord is a bit more banged up than it was before this bridge event, but luckily no humans were harmed in this bone-headed attempt.

Maybe next time the driver should buy something narrower, like an Austin-Healey Sprite, if they want to make it across the bridge in the pedestrian lane. Or, like, take the lanes meant for cars.

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