There’s being a clueless rich white guy, then there’s Mark Davis

This is the face of a man who thinks he is super-woke.

This is the face of a man who thinks he is super-woke.
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While Nancy Pelosi’s awful characterization of the murder of George Floyd as “sacrificing” himself probably cannot be outdone, the sports world had plenty of tone-deaf responses to the Derek Chauvin verdict. Notably, the NHL offered up a nothing burger that didn’t mention race or George Floyd and reads mostly as an attempt to avoid offending its huge percentage of bootlicking fans.


“They meant to be vague and straddle a line, which proves their lack of commitment,” said Hemal Jhaveri, a hockey writer and editor who has written on diversity issues in the sport.

Of course, there’s the NFL and the 49ers’ refusal to acknowledge they were wrong about Colin Kaepernick, that they blackballed him and fellow kneeler Eric Reid out of the league.

But then Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis said, “Hold my beer.”

G/O Media may get a commission

This wasn’t the decision of a 20-something intern or underpaid social media manager, it came straight from the top, the owner himself. His explanation that he got the words from the Floyd family doesn’t excuse his stupidity and insensitivity. Worse, even after he said he didn’t know the words “I can breathe” were used by the goons of the NYPD after one of their own killed Eric Garner, he doubled down and said it wouldn’t be deleted.

It’s still up nearly 18 hours later.


There’s a saying about privileged rich guys, “He was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.” Davis is more like his daddy hit a triple, let his kid pinch-run, and the kid thinks he hit a grand slam.


To be sure, the Chauvin verdict is not justice. George Floyd’s life is not restored. His family and his daughter still have a hole in their hearts that will never go away. There can be no justice when the system makes it possible for Derek Chauvin, a cop with 17 formal complaints against him, to think he can get away with murdering a man in broad daylight, on camera.

That system was made to benefit Mark Davis. It’s nice to know that he was invested in the outcome, but it’s an insult to Black men and women who live in fear and whose communities are destroyed by state violence every day.


Hey rich kid, sign a check, STFU and stay in your lane.


Couple other team statement lowlights:


You didn’t let Sevyn Streeter perform the national anthem because she wore a “We Matter’ shirt and did nothing to stop the horrific racist bullying on your dance squad.


Strong “all lives matter” vibes. Your ECHL affiliate just had a Thin Blue Line jersey day.


I appreciate that getting this by James Dolan was probably tough. Where’s K’Andre Miller’s puck?

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