These 14 cars are the most ‘made in America’ — and one of them is actually Japanese

F-150 assembly lineThe first Aluminum-bodied Ford F-150 rolls off the assembly line at Ford’s Dearborn, Michigan plant. The best-selling vehicle in the country is also ranked the second-most ‘made in America.’Ford

With the global automotive supply chain becoming an increasingly tangled mess, American University’s Kogod School of Business has created a comprehensive ranking of the cars that are the most ‘made in America.’

And for the fourth consecutive year, General Motors brands maintain the lion’s share of the top spots, including three cars that tied for number one and 17 other GM vehicles in the top ten (there were many ties).

The study factored in to its rankings several elements like where the company is headquartered (and therefore where the profits wind up), the source of major components like engines and transmissions, and the location of final assembly.

Many of those statistics came from the American Automotive Labeling Act (AALA), which requires that all cars sold in America list the percentage of components made in the USA or Canada on the window sticker. Other factors were assembled by the researchers and combined with the AALA data into something the authors called “more comprehensive than any other study of its kind.”

Here are the 14 cars that are the most ‘made in America,’ ranked by the Kogod School’s score.

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