These Are The Cities You Think Have The Best Public Transport

“A lot of votes for Tokyo, which is understandable. I’m biased, but my vote goes to Odawara, 50 miles south-west from Tokyo on the Pacific coast.

“A city of 200,000 with 17 trains stations (I just counted), including Odawara station, which has 14 platforms and 4 lines. One of those is the Tokaido Shinkansen, with 5 trains up to Tokyo (30 minute journey) and 5 down to Nagoya and Osaka every two hours. Also Tokaido main line to Tokyo connecting as far as Gunma and down to Shizuoka and beyond, and the Odakyu line connecting Hakone through Odawara to Shinjuku. The fourth is the local Daiyuzan line.

“Plus an extensive and frequent bus network, an abundance of taxis and “daikoh”, a service to pick you up when you have gone out in your own car for a drink and drive you and your car home.

“And, on the private transport side, a direct expressway connection to Tokyo.”

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