These Are The Most Underrated Movie Cars

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Cars make the best movie stars, but some of the neatest models were sadly overshadowed in the films that featured them. We’re here to correct that oversight, and give some credit to these movie stars that may have been given less screen time in favor of their car cast-mates.

The DeLorean may have essentially been the third movie star of the Back to the Future franchise, but Marty’s ’85 Toyota Pickup has proven to be an enduring and near-perfect example of a cool truck.

Or, in the case of the film Ronin, officially “the car chase movie,” it’s the BMW E34 5-series that gets most of the attention, while the Audi S8 just quietly and admirably does its job. That changes after today! We asked our readers which movie cars were the most underrated, and here are their answers:

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