These Are Your States’ Unique Driving Maneuvers

Michigan Left.

It’s this weird thing they do where you can’t turn left through an intersection. You go through the intersection, then, at some point along the way, there’s a spot to make a u-turn, so you turn around, go back to your original intersection, and make a right. Always takes some getting used to, but, it kind of makes sense. It’s been catching on in other places lately, but, everyone I ever met in Michigan always called it a ‘Michigan Left’. Contrary to the picture below, you can still drive straight through the intersection on the cross road (unless my memory is failing me). Banning that part of it has become quite popular here in North Carolina, for God only knows what reason.

Ostensibly, the Michigan Left was popularized because someone went to Pittsburgh, said ‘Fuck absolutely every bit of that’, and decided to ban left turns altogether.

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