This Ford Mustang Has To Go Because The Owner Is ‘Sick Of Memes’

This Ford Mustang Has To Go Because The Owner Is 'Sick Of Memes'

Tired of all the Ford Mustang memes, this GT500 owner decided to put his car up for sale on Craigslist. There’s a very good chance this posting is fake, but it’s just too hilarious to ignore.…

The poor seller is tired of people thinking he’s like all the other ‘Stang owners who can’t stop crashing at Cars and Coffee, and have triggered the recent Mustang meme-valanche.


The post begins with the seller letting out his frustration about all the memes, saying:

I am sick and tired of the Mustang memes. Every time I go to get gas someone asks if I’ve done any burnouts lately or if I’ve been to any car shows… then they laugh and answer for me. “No because the car is still in one piece”

He can’t take the hazing any longer, and decided to dump his pony car. And he wants it gone fast. He continues:


well they don’t know me or my car – so I’m selling it. First REASONABLE offer takes it, I want it gone like today. I’m going to buy an Evo or STI or something AWD. Yes I’ll accept trades.

Then the owner describes the condition of the Mustang. It’s great, except for a little imperfection in the wheel…

Car is in really great condition, all maintenance on time and up to date – there is a small flaw in the rim that is not in the pictures, drivers side front. I WAS doing a burnout when I JUST BOUGHT the car while at the Mustang Anniversary car show in Portland – the PSI was off in the tires and I BARELY hit a curb, will need a new rim, tire, control arm, bushings, axle, bearing and front lip. Insurance salvaged it BUT I think it’s an easy fix.



Here it is in case the ad disappears.

This Ford Mustang Has To Go Because The Owner Is 'Sick Of Memes'

h/t to John Floren


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