This Miata’s Train Horn Saved Its Driver’s Life

There’s something genuinely hilarious about outfitting a small car with a big horn, but one Reddit user has shown that it may actually be a good idea — one that could have saved his life.


User u/Muscles_Metal_Miata posted a video that you just need to see to believe. It’s only about 12 seconds, so it’s absolutely worth it:

The video shows the post’s author driving down the street and approaching an intersection. As he does, a driver on his right side makes a right-hand turn on a red light without even having stopped — which would have caused a collision, had it not been for the Miata’s train horn convincing that person to stick tight to the curb. The Miata driver had time to avoid the accident.

This is, once again, a reminder that right on red is legal in some states, but only after a full stop, where you’re sure that you’re not going to, you know, collide into any vehicles that actually have the right of way.

Or, at the very least, it might be a good idea to invest in swapping your regular horn with an obnoxious train horn, since it’s obvious that some folks out there still have no idea how driving down the road works.

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