This Video Of A Carwash Mangling A Tailgate Is A Little Painful To Watch

Screenshot: Twitter

I feel like most car owners have a complicated relationship with automatic car washes: we know they can cause damage, with their huge, spinning, Muppet-fur brushes and whipping ribbons of water-saturated textiles, but sometimes the convenience and allure of a quick way to a clean car defeats our better judgement, and into the wet tunnel we go. If you want to be reminded of the risks, though, maybe watch this video of a hapless Range Rover in a car wash.


As you may guess, things don’t go well. Here, watch the video, which appears to have been shot from the monitor of a security camera at a European car wash:

I’m not exactly sure what triggered the Range Rover’s hatch to open, and I’m surprised those brushes don’t have some sort of simple torque sensor to detect when it hits something, and then stop the motor.

Well, it sure doesn’t seem to have any sort of safety sensor, because that spinning brush makes pretty short work of that tailgate, bending it up and back until you hear that sickening, expensive-sounding thonk and crunch.

All of that, and the whole interior of that car has to be well-soaked in soapy water, too.

At least it’s nice and clean?

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