Toyota Wants To Expand The GR Sub-Brand To More Cars

GR Yaris

GR Yaris
Image: Toyota

The last couple of years Toyota’s Gazoo Racing, or GR, has been pretty busy. Between the Supra models, the not-for-us GR Yaris, and the new GR 86 Toyota’s performance sub-brand has its hands on everything driver-focused. Now, through an interview with Motor Trend, we’re learning that Toyota wants more GR cars. And yes that applies to cars specifically.


Speaking to Motor Trend, Toyota VP of sales for North America Bob Carter emphasized for people not to expect GR to be put on SUVs. While not ruling out SUVs in the future, cars will be GR’s focus right now, he essentially said their high centers of gravity don’t mesh well with sporty driving:

“I don’t want to eliminate anything, but initially no. The importance is exhilarating driving. When you go to SUVs you have higher center of gravities and it’s just not conducive. Nothing is off the table, but initially, you can expect it to be a car-based vehicle. There’s still a market for that.”

2022 Toyota GR 86

2022 Toyota GR 86
Image: Toyota

Carter didn’t speak about which models could be coming with the GR badge next, though speculation has been that the Corolla hatch will be the next car to get the GR treatment. Toyota itself has helped fuel those rumors, asking customers directly if they’d be interested in a car and even going as so far has to have a GR hot hatch listed under future vehicles on Toyota’s site.

Whatever GR car is coming next, Toyota has a large lineup for GR to choose from. They could go the predictable route and give us a GR Camry or Avalon. Hell, they already gave us TRD models of both of those. Personally, I’d like to see something crazy like a GR Sienna. Something you can haul the kids in and haul ass would be cool.

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