Truck Goes All Kool-Aid Man Through Airport Wall In Duh, Florida

Anyone old enough to remember the old commercials for noted powdered beverage vehicle Kool-Aid? The ads consisted of a gigantic, be-limbed pitcher, summoned to life via the blackest magic by children wracked with the pain of thirst. He would break through walls, fences, doors, whatever, raining destruction and chaos, all while shouting “OH YEAH!” A 40-year-old in Sarasota County, Florida managed to do a pretty good impression of those ads with his GMC Sierra, through the walls of the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport. Oh yeah.

Juan Monsivis had a canceled driver’s license and a history of multiple DUIs, as well as, according to the Herald-Tribune,

charges of unlawfully carrying a concealed firearm, battery of a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, hit-and-run with property damage and possession of synthetic marijuana.”


Monsivis was injured in the crash and is in the hospital, but, incredibly, no one else was hurt. This is partially because of the heroic efforts of that rental car counter, which bravely took the brunt of that truck impact, protecting the people working right behind it.

Before crashing into that stout counter, the truck managed to plow through a chain-link fence, the terminal outer wall, and a luggage conveyer belt unit.


Florida Highway Patrol spotted Monsivis driving recklessly before the crash, and are leading the investigation.

The incident happed close to 3 a.m., but by 10:30 that morning, the terminal was remarkably well cleaned up:


It really is amazing that nobody was killed, and, I have to say, it is finally nice to see a full-sized truck used for something other than dragging one person around to get groceries or whatever.

(Thanks, Arpad!)

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