Tyrod Taylor is the latest victim of the Chargers’ team doctors

Tyrod Taylor’s lung was punctured by a team physician on Sunday.

Tyrod Taylor’s lung was punctured by a team physician on Sunday.
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What happened to Tyrod Taylor is gross negligence at its peak.

If you haven’t heard the news, Taylor’s lung was punctured by a Los Angeles Chargers team doctor just before the Chargers’ matchup against the Chiefs. Taylor suffered two cracked ribs last week against the Cincinnati Bengals.


The reports have been specific in saying this was an accident by the Chargers team doctor, but this organization shouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt.

They have a history of hiring the worst possible doctors to run their medical staff.


Remember, David Chao?

He was the Chargers team doctor from 1997 to 2013.

He also threw glasses back so much that he got two DUI citations between 1995 and 2007. And those two chargers don’t even scratch the surface of the lax lifestyle he engaged in.

His rap sheet is longer than a CVS receipt.


He has been accused of enabling his former partner’s prescription drug addiction. And we can’t forget former players Ryan Leaf, Jon Haskins, and Mark Montreuil sued him for incidents ranging from negligence in treating Leaf’s wrist and shoulder injuries to misdiagnosing a knee injury that ended Haskins’ NFL career.


His license to prescribe Ambien was rescinded for four years after the California Medical Board investigated his actions in prescribing the sleep medication to Junior Seau in the months preceding the Hall of Famer’s suicide.

And he has had several suits from patients in private practice that are as concerning what took place with Chargers players.


One woman sued him in 2002 for severing an artery and was awarded $460,000 in damages. In a more well-known case, Whitney Engler, a 15-year-old girl, sued Chao after he performed a knee-cleaning debris procedure on her in 2003 and asked her to use a mechanized cryotherapy device as much as possible to help with recovery. She didn’t know every time she used the device it funneled profits to Chao. The more she used the instrument, the more it caused non-freeze injuries, resulting in Engler having her leg amputated. Her family later sued Chao and was awarded $5,696,220.

And this is the guy that the Chargers allowed to stay on their staff as he was being hammered with these cases in the courtroom.


He later left the team on his terms. No firing, suspensions. Nothing.


Taylor’s injuries are extremely unfortunate, and I hope he can receive compensation of some sort from the Chargers organization and potentially from the league itself.


But geez.

The Chargers as an organization are being run like a dumpster fire. This is the type of callous behavior a billion-dollar business should deem unacceptable enough to fire.


The Chargers deserve any and all vitriol coming their direction.

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