Ugh – It’s This Guy Again

Tom Brady still looks kinda elite, dammit.

Tom Brady still looks kinda elite, dammit.
Image: (Getty Images)

Yes, he is still around.

As if this year couldn’t get any worse, the first points scored by the 2020 Bucs were from Tom Brady on… a QB sneak of all plays.


Here’s Brady stumbling into the end zone.


The 43-year-old QB may move like your average 40-something. But, damn, he can immediately contribute to any offense.

In this pandemic, the rich get richer, and Brady, despite his age, stays at an elite level.

Even though he ran one into the endzone, don’t expect many more rushing TD’s from the newly minted Buccaneer. In his final year with the Patriots, Brady rushed for 34 yards on 26 attempts.

Cam Newton ran for 75 yards today.

We’ll see which one is in a better spot as the season progresses.

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