Verizon offering up to $300 for your old smartphone

Verizon recently kicked off a new trade-in offer in which the carrier will provide customers with up to $300 for a used smartphone. No, you won’t get that much for a Galaxy S II from a few years ago, but you’ll get some sort of credit toward your new phone purchase. Verizon said it’ll even accept cracked screens if you’re interested in buying a Droid Turbo 2 or Droid Maxx 2 though, word to the wise, that offer is simply because Verizon wants to make room for the new Moto Z.

“The fastest way to score these savings is by visiting a Verizon store with on-the-spot credit for your trade-in,” Verizon explained. “At Verizon stores, you can receive the immediate value when you trade in your smartphone in good, working condition and apply that value immediately as a down payment toward your new smartphone. Or you can also enjoy a Verizon account credit or gift card. Don’t have the time to trade in at a store? You can also complete it online through the Verizon website here.”

But take heed: Verizon may not offer you the best value for your smartphone. If I was you, I’d shop it around and see what Amazon, Gazelle and other places are willing to pay for it first – then pick the best option. You don’t have to commit to anything, after all.

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