Victoria Azarenka had a fantastic reaction after her Australian Open match when she found out the Broncos won


Victoria Azarenka cruised to an easy 6-2, 6-4 win in the fourth round of the Australian Open despite a headache before the match. It turns out she was just nervous about the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship against the New England Patriots.

During her standard post-match interview, Azarenka was asked a benign question about her opponent and tried her best to answer it. But just as she was finishing, she couldn’t hold back any longer: she needed to know if the Broncos beat the Patriots. They did, and her reaction is fantastic.

Curiously, Azarenka has celebrated her wins in the Australian Open by dabbing, a celebration made famous by Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers, who are also going to the Super Bowl to face the Broncos.


When asked about the dabbing, Vika responded by calling it her “dream” matchup and and then hoped out loud that she is not playing during the Super Bowl (the Super Bowl is scheduled for the weekend after the Australian Open final).

Here is the entire interview. It is great.

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