VW Designs Van Workout For Drivers Who Work Too Much to Join A Gym

Uh-oh, Car Manufacturer! You have a problem. The delivery folks driving your vans are having a hard time staying fit because they spend too much time behind the wheel. How can you, a good-hearted and kind Car Manufacturer, find a way to remedy this disastrous issue of overworking that happens in your machines?

Why, you design a quick workout that takes place in the van, of course!

Volkswagen UK’s Working With You initiative is designed to make its commercial vehicles more consumer friendly by, essentially, working with the folks who purchase and buy their transport vans. VW reps will help you out during every step of your vehicle buying and ownership experience. Including, apparently, working out.

In a new video titled Working Out With You, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers up ideas for an entire workout routine that can be performed quickly and easily with nothing but your very own Transporter van and common tools you’re likely to already have laying around.

Van drivers don’t have an easy gig. They spend an average of 2.89 hours per day behind the wheel, according to Carscoops. The more time you spend sitting, the slower your metabolism and muscles grow, and most folks recognize that they could use some more exercise in their lives—hence why working out and losing weight are such common New Year’s resolutions.


The workout is designed by James Dean, the personal trainer for the Pimlico Plumbers company—a company that uses VW’s commercial fleet vans. Sarah Cox, the head of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, had the following to say about the Working With You program:

Our brand promise Working With You is devised to keep customers and their businesses moving forward, and that goes beyond just the health of the vehicle.

It’s all part of putting our customers first, and this unique program could see Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Working Out With You in 2019!


There are plenty of ways to encourage physical health for consumers. Why not front a movement that encourages companies to prioritize their employees wellbeing? Why not debunk the idea that harder physical labor on the job is always a good idea? Making healthy lifestyle changes is always a great idea, no matter who you are, but normalizing the fact that everyone needs to work so hard that they’re not able to find any time to get healthy unless they’re on the job is Not Great.

But VW wants you to know that you don’t have to balance work and an active lifestyle. You can go ahead and combine the two, taking quick breaks to do things like panel push-ups or wrench curls. So you can feel good about working long hours that don’t leave you the free time for a workout at home, and you don’t have to spend your hard-earned cash on a gym membership!

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