Want To Reserve A Cadillac Blackwing? That’ll be $1,000

Still one of the most questionable branding strategies I can remember.

Step 1- Introduce V as a high performance sub brand.

Step 2- Introduce V-Sport as a lesser performance trim to capitalize on the equity of actual V cars.

Step 3- Introduce all new Blackwing engine in flagship CT6-V, first OHC V8 from GM since the Northstar, first unique V8 for the division in as long. Kill car and engine program.

Step 4- Introduce CT5-V and CT4-V as the new V-Sport, but don’t sufficiently explain that until the internet imploded from the underwhelming stats.

Step 5- Introduce the real V cars as V Blackwing, cribbing a name with no equity from a defunct engine program that bears no relation to the Corvette and V6 engines destined for these models.

Step 6- ?????

Step 7- well it sure as shit ain’t gonna be profit, this is Cadillac we’re talking about. Also considering that Cadillac is poised to become an EV brand, presumably these will be the last of their kind anyway.

At this point, just give up on your AMG aspirations and build some competent crossovers that people will actually buy.

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