Watch A Car Crash Emerge From The Mists Like Something Out Of Silent Hill

Gif: YouTube

This dash cam footage from Fairbanks, Alaska from last week is honestly scarier than anything out of a horror movie or video game. It wasn’t frightening enough to slow down the driver however, who somehow managed to stop mere inches from a multi-car pile up that emerged from the smoke.


This dash cam footage from February 16 shows a snowy and dark street, so we’ve already got the correct spooky ambiance. Our driver also seemed to be speeding along, passing other drivers in the right lane playing it safe. This is the automotive equivalent of telling everyone in a horror movie to calm down. Surely everything is fine! When really, the threat is so obvious you’re screaming at them from the couch to get out of the house.

When an ominous cloud appeared on the horizon, our, let’s say, brave, driver valiantly hurtled head-on into the danger and then kept hurtling:

Ah, so we have located the source of the blinding smoke on the road. The driver managed to stop just before they joined a pile up involving a car, a pickup truck and a heavy truck. Our hero slowly maneuvered around the wreck before taking the very next exit and getting off the highway. Most likely to locate a change of underwear, which I assume most Alaskans keep on hand in their car for just such driving conditions.

It’s hard to say what would be the right play here for a driver. If you stop in the middle of the blinding smoke, you could end up on the receiving end of a crash. If you keep going into the great unknown, you could end up giving as well as receiving. One thing is for sure: you should probably slow down a lot faster than this driver did because, unlike Silent Hill, we only get one life in this game.

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