Watch This Giant Truck Trailer Break Away And Totally Try To Kill Someone

Be on the lookout for massive out-of-control truck trailers full of tons and tons of mass to come barreling at you randomly, folks.


As a nice followup to yesterday’s “No One In Australia Can Drive” post, here’s “It Doesn’t Matter Anyway, The Roads Are Dangerous There And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It”.

How bad do you think that car smelled after this? And what, exactly, are the odds of a massive trailer full of a massive amount of haul breaking off of a moving truck at exactly the moment and angle you happen to be driving by in the trajectory?

I’m going to hope that nobody behind the car with the dashcam got hit either, because all the video description offers is that the trailer stopped in the row of trees you see up there on the left.


Listen, Australia. I’ll get there, but you really need to sort out your beached BMWs, hopeless drivers, and especially the runaway truck trailers. That’s too much Final Destination shit happening for my liking.

Via CarScoops

There’d be such a mess in my car I’d have to walk home and then just buy a new one. WTF NOW THERE’S SNAKES

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