We asked Wall Street execs how finance will transform over the next decade. These are their 26 biggest predictions.

6) Financial firms will keep moving offices out of big cities

salt lake city utah


Both to keep costs low and to tap new labor pools, financial institutions have already signaled plans to expand into cheaper markets well outside New York and San Francisco: PIMCO is hiring for a 200-person office in Austin, Texas; BlackRock is building a 1,000-person office in Atlanta; AllianceBernstein is moving much of its New York office to Nashville, Tennessee.

Similarly, JLL’s Burns said he talked to a client this month with space in Washington, DC, that’s thinking about a move.

“They’re a financial institution saying, ‘We could do that in Milwaukee just as easily.’ I think you’ll see more of this move from city centers,” he said. Hot markets for JLL’s financial clients include Charlotte, North Carolina, and Houston.

Julie Whelan, CBRE’s head of occupier research for the Americas, said CBRE has seen a lot of interest from finance in what real estate calls secondary markets — like Phoenix, Nashville, and Tampa, Florida — and she expects that interest to accelerate.

“There will be some tertiary markets that start to pop up. We looked at markets we’d consider next-generation where you’d need to be a pioneer from a financial services perspective, like Utah — not Salt Lake City, but going out to Provo; Boise, Idaho; Raleigh-Durham; Indianapolis,” Whelan said.

“Those are markets we’ll start to hear more about from a financial-services perspective that are more overshadowed by the secondary markets now.”

Read more about how Bank of America is chasing smaller deals and already expanding its investment bank to far-flung American locations that it had previously ignored, adding San Diego, Nashville, and Salt Lake City.

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