What Car Maker Offers The Worst Colors?

A photo of Audi's current car range with the caption "Boring".

Audi has a pretty dull color selection.
Photo: Audi

The best color for any car is purple. Every car looks great in varying shades of plum, violet, indigo or amethyst. But, annoyingly, purple doesn’t come as standard on many cars. In fact, the color options available with most automakers are pretty crappy. But, what car maker offers the worst?


We’re at a point where anyone who buys a car chooses a color based on what they think its next buyer might want. A color that won’t hurt its resale value a few years down the line.

Sadly, this means we’re now stuck with varying shades of black, white and silver. How dull.

That’s why Tesla basically only offers its cars in these colors, save for an occasional blue, and why Volvo has perfected a fleet of neutral-colored sedans, wagons and SUVs that will look timeless throughout their years on the road. Sadly, timeless in this instance also means dull.

And if it isn’t bland neutral shades, there have also just been some awful colors painted onto cars over the years. Some pasty yellows look atrocious, and there are very few oranges that really look good when you see them on the highway.

So with that in mind, what car manufacturers offer the worst colors?

Maybe you hate Kalahari Beige Metallic from BMW, or perhaps you aren’t a fan of Nardo Grey from Audi. Your eyes might be offended by Ford’s School Bus Yellow, or Toyota’s Ruby Flare Pearl may leave you offended at the thought of something burgundy.


There truly are some questionable colors out there.

But what car maker do you think offers the worst colors? Let us know your top picks in the comments section below. We’ll leave today’s question up all day, with the answers hitting your screens tomorrow afternoon. That gives you plenty of time to make your case.

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