What Car Should Have Died In 2021?

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2021 was a difficult year for the automotive industry. Between the chip shortage, the magnesium shortage, and the slow car sales those begat, this certainly hasn’t been the best year to be an automaker. It’s led to the deaths of manyafinevehicle, but maybe not as many as it should’ve. So, to rephrase the day’s big question: What car are you most surprised survived 2021?


Personally, I’m shocked the Chevy Trax is still around. When the new Trailblazer came around, I figured it would split sales pretty heavily from its smaller, older brother. They only differ by a few inches in size, and just $2500 in price — why have both?

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Photo: Buick

This goes for the Trax’s Buick-badged brother, the Encore, as well. In fact, the Trailblazer’s Buick platform-mate is even named the Encore GX — it has to replace the Encore. There’s no way GM would allow one of its brands to sell two entirely-different-but-functionally-not-actually-that-different cars under the same name, right? Right?

It seems that GM will eventually discontinue the Trax and Encore for the Trailblazer and Encore GX, but the General is taking its sweet time in doing so. The rumor mill now says GM’s smallest crossover twins have until 2023 before they get the axe. So, if you inexplicably want one, act fast.

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That’s my pick for a car that should’ve died this year, but what’s yours? Are you shocked the Lexus LX 570 outlasted the Land Cruiser? Do you think the Mirai should have made its way to a hydrogen-emitted-water-y grave? Are you confused as I am that Mitsubishi seems to make three separate vehicles all called the Outlander, and think two should be eliminated? Let us know what cars you think should have died this year, and we’ll compile the best later today.

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