What Car Unexpectedly Looks Good On Steelies?

Photo: Max Finkel / Jalopnik

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The other day I had a realization. The Chevrolet Camaro (at least the two generations since the Zeta-platform reboot we’ve had for the last ten years or so) looks its best on steel wheels. It’s odd but it’s true. And I bet it’s the case for other cars out there too.

The one I saw was a dark blue fifth-generation Camaro riding on small-diameter all-black rolling stock with a little more sidewall than pretty much all alloy-clad muscle cars typically show. And honestly? I love the look. Granted, these aren’t normal steelies. They’re five-spokes that have a little flair compared with what you’d probably find on your spare tire. But they’re still basically cop-spec bargain specimens, and that counds for something.


This Camaro doesn’t have the perfect set-up, mind you. That’d be on the polished-rim steelies you sometimes also see. They’re even better than these, conjuring up memories of dog-dish hubcaps and fat tires for burnouts in my mind. Even so, the car above looks really sharp to me and I hope you’ll agree.

Even if you’re not sold on the Camaro, I’m sure you know of at least one car out there that really rocks the steel-wheeled look. Let us know which ones you like on steel below and don’t forget the pictures!

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