What Do You Want To Know About The 2022 Polaris Slingshot?

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While I was at Spring Mountain for the Ron Fellows Corvette Driving School, one of my fellow attendees asked if I rode motorcycles. When I said no because of my terrifying lack of balance, he said, “Well, then you should try a three-wheeler.” Mere weeks later, Polaris asked if I wanted to drive their Slingshot.


It’s taken me more than enough time to finally get behind the wheel. Their original loan offer for the 2021 version coincided with a period of time where I was out of the country, and I let the company know I was interested in driving the 2022 version whenever I could. A few weeks after that, I got the offer.

The Polaris Slingshot is not exactly a practical vehicle. It’s not your daily driver, and it’s also not really your everyday fun vehicle because of its three-wheeled, open-top construction. But I’m determined to find out who this vehicle is for and share my impressions with you fine folks.

Unfortunately, at the moment, I can’t give you too many details to whet your palette. Polaris is keeping most of the specs under wraps until a later date, at which point I’ll be able to give you my review.

That said, the previous iteration started around $20,000, ran to about $33,000, and featured a 178-horsepower 2.0-liter engine with the option of a manual or an automatic transmission. There are a handful of different trims that improve things like paint finishes, audio, and technology, and add features like Apple CarPlay and paddle shifters. They’re like the best kind of toy since they don’t cost a ton and were kind of like those electric Barbie Jeeps I had as a kid.

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Keep it simple or deck yours out with RGB lights, a touchscreen, and even a digital thermostat.

I’m getting behind the wheel ahead of the Los Angeles Auto Show, so if you’ve got questions, concerns, or curiosities, I want to know ‘em now. That way, when I’m behind the wheel, I’ll be able to hunt down everything you need to know.

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