What Do You Want To Know About The 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS

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Oh dang, it’s an electric Porsche wagon that doesn’t have the extra body cladding and taller ride height. That’s bound to be a winner of a package, both in the looks and performance department. As is typical with Porsche’s GTS badge, the Taycan GTS offers unique styling, a bit more power and performance than the S model, and a whole bunch of standard features that would cost a lot more in options on other non-GTS models. Is the Taycan GTS a bargain, then?


Starting at $131,400 it’s hard to call anything in the six figures a bargain, but this one is packed with a ton of extras for not a whole lot more than a Taycan 4S, for example. The GTS is packed with motors front and rear which pair for 590 horsepower (versus 522 in the 4S or 670 in the Turbo), plus special sporty suspension tuning, standard 93 kWh Performance Battery Plus, and a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds.

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The standard 20-inch satin black GTS wheel is perhaps the best looking of all the Taycan variants, but probably isn’t quite as aerodynamic as many of the others. Those wheels surround a larger 390 mm front brake rotor (instead of the standard 360 mm version on the 4S). All of that is suspended by standard adaptive air ride, plus “smart lift” and active suspension management. Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus and Sport Chrono are also standard on the GTS model.

If you so choose, you can option your GTS with Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport, rear steering, and 21-inch wheels.

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It’s quite easy to option a Taycan 4S above $130,000 just by fitting the standard equipment of the GTS, and then you don’t get the improved braking, the more powerful motors, and unique styling. And that’s before you get to the fact that the GTS is currently the only model available in the lineup with the Sport Turismo body style, which is basically the Cross Turismo wagon but an inch or so lower without any matte plastic body cladding. It’s a unique and beautiful look. These are going to be right up my alley when someone returns one off-lease in a few years.

Anyway, I’m driving the new GTS variant of the Taycan today, in both sedan and Sport Turismo guise. So now is your opportunity to ask me whatever your heart desires. I mean, about the car. Well, you can ask me whatever you want, but I’m probably only going to answer questions about the car. Probably.

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