What Do You Want To Know About The Volkswagen Amarok Pickup?

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I’ve got a diesel Volkswagen Amarok as a loaner vehicle here in Germany, with plans to use the beast to haul wood that will turn my Chrysler Voyager from a van into a mobile apartment. As we don’t get the Amarok in the U.S., some of you may have some questions. Hit me with them.


I have to admit that this is a bit of a random press vehicle. I actually sort of stumbled upon it, as my new car journalist friend Jens Meiners—who lives in the same town as the workshop I’m renting to fix Project Krassler (for which an update is sorely overdue)—wasn’t using his test car, and I was dreading shoving large plies of wood into my friend Andreas’s awesome (but tiny) third-gen Toyota MR2.


Image: David Tracy


So far, I’ve driven the truck for only about 20 minutes, and it feels enormous despite being modestly sized compared to darn near any truck on American roads. It also makes an amazing noise that I’ll have to show you when I write my review.

Speaking of which, feel free to give me some items to look for as I drive this body-on-frame, solid rear-axle pickup for the next few days. What do you want to know about the VW Amarok that you didn’t already ask in this extremely similar post from 2018 article:

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